Vet visit to K1

Amanda GonzalezPreschool, StudentsLeave a Comment

Kinder 1 has been learning about dogs using the Project-based learning approach. We first began with having several families bring in their pet dogs to visit with them and ask them about how they care for their dogs and what they need. Now, we have moved on to focus more on an important part of dog care; going to the vet. We have watched and read several books about how a vet takes care of dogs but we still had some questions that were left unanswered. In order to answer these questions, and learn more about the job of a vet, we asked a veterinarian to come in as a visiting expert: Dr. Paco. He brought along his companion bulldog Bruno, answered our questions, and showed us many of the tools he uses such as a stethoscope, a thermometer, a special light, and a dog nail clipper. He even let us practice giving a vaccine to Bruno with a syringe!

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