Have you ever felt like we came to the world for a reason? I have felt this way lately. I believe that we were put here for a reason. Some people say that they are here to change the world, like if God or the Fairy Godmother sent them, or make a difference. Honestly, I think this is true. Steve Jobs was given his skills of design and his brain in order to improve our communication. Walt Disney was given his bright and funny imagination to change our childhood and our way of seeing things.

Recently, I have started a foundation with my best friend since primary, Pedro. The foundation is called Fut X Vallarta. Right now we have around 40 kids and we help all of them by giving them free soccer practices. One day a parent told us “you are like an angel that came into our lives”. They told us this because during one soccer training I saw this kid Seco crying. I asked him what was the matter, and he told me “no he comido en dos días”. His family did not have money to buy food in two days. Right after the training ended I went to the supermarket and bought food for Seco. At the end of the next training I told Seco we bought something for him, and we gave all the goods we bought for him. When he saw all the food he cried. It was a huge excitement for him. He thanked me a 100 times, and when he was waiting for the bus in the corner of the fields, he came running to me and gave me a huge hug. It is amazing how you can change someone’s life by doing so little.

I think that Pedro and I were put here for a reason, in order to help all those kids in our foundation. This has changed my life for good. Changing the life of not only the kids, but an entire family, is a gratifying feeling. One of the biggest goals I have with this project is to build a house for the kid Seco and his family. I want to change his life for good and show him that nothing in life is impossible. Often people living in extreme conditions like him, think about how can they get out of poverty. Many times they take the road towards bad habits and drug cartels. I don’t want that for this child, and I am going to do my best to make it happen.

I believe that we are here for a reason, and my reason is to change children’s lives. There is a high power that chooses to put us in a certain place, at a certain time and at a certain location. Different people are here for different reasons. There are people in the world who try to do what they think is right. If you think that you can help anyone, or you feel like you are meant to do something, go ahead and do what you feel is right. Life is about taking risks and we are here to take them.