ASPV Present at Cultural Events in Latin America

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Miss Kyliel Casillas, Spanish teacher at the American School of Puerto Vallarta, was invited by CONECULTA Chiapas to participate in the 8th Edition of the Literature Conference, “Al Sur de la Palabra” Chiapas-Centroamérica which took place on May 22-24 in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas.

In the context of this cultural international conference, Carlos Martín Briceño launched his book “Montezuma’s revenge and other delites” by Editorial Ficticia publishing in the auditorium of the Universidad Mesoamericana. At this same cultural happening of words, Miss Kyliel presented some of her own poetry at a table reading in “La Casa de la Cultura” of this magical city, with writers such as Rebecca Ruiz Riverol and Juan Marcos Chavez Cajiga.

Other activities of the conference included an art exhibition of graphical works, book sale by authors who were present, visits to local universities, musical acts. As a main event there was a tribute to local Chiapas poet Socorro Trejo Sirvent for her long career as a creator, teacher and promoter of culture.

And of course Miss Kyliel also took time to enjoy the natural and archeological richness the great state of Chiapas has to offer.






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  1. Fue una gran experiencia el poder participar en dicho evento y escuchar las voces de escritores provenientes de diversos espacios geográficos, como la poesía de Miss Kiyliel. ¡Saludos a todos los compañeros que participaron en el octavo encuento de literatura “Al Sur de la palabra”!

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