ASPV’s Posada at the Escuela Primaria Cuauhtémoc

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THANKS to all your contributions, our Posada at the Escuela Primaria Cuauhtémoc was a great success! 23 ASPV students led 8 different activities for 420 children at Cuauhtémoc. The activities included: capture the flag, soccer, races, storytelling, and a gigantic dance competition and party! Cuauhtémoc kids ate a variety of desserts, including two huge and delicious cakes made especially for them. Every kid received a present, and the school received a general donation of 50 balls, 127 books, didactic materials, and board games. It was a transformative experience, as our students got first-hand experience in developing and strengthening their leadership and service skills, which are crucial to a holistic 21st-century education.


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