Close Encounters of the Undead Kind

john lundArt & Music, Faculty & Staff, Secondary

What do you get when you cross teenage angst with a collection of zombies, vampires, and witches? Close Encounters of the Undead Kind.

Close Encounters of the Undead Kind by Jeffery Harr is a series of three one act comedies centred around the subject of monsters and teenagers…..not to be confused with the same thing. Each play involves a simple “what if.” What if there was a support group for teenage monsters? What if your daughter’s new boyfriend was a zombie? What if a vampire came trick or treating? With quick humor and fabulous characters these three plays answer those very questions.

Wednesday through Friday, November 9-11th

7:00 pm

Javadpour Arts Center

Tickets available at ASPV cashier’s office.

General: $50 pesos