Early Childhood workshops for parents

john lundPreschool, PTA

Imagine you have to sit through a class where you need to solve problems, and write the solutions to them, in Russian! Our Early Childhood Spanish teachers, Miss Mari and Miss Silvia, have found a way for ASPV parents to understand how indispensable it is for children to learn to read and write through play, and project based learning.

At the end of the workshop, our teachers asked the parents which of their experiences they found more challenging, and the answers were eye-opening. When completing a repetitive assignment in silence, the parents felt stressed and frustrated, whereas when they were guided through a dynamic activity, they felt engaged and motivated. The workshop ended with the literature and philosophy behind our Early Childhood program, and the parents left feeling more confident in the education their children are receiving.

Early Childhood parents, please don’t miss our second workshop:

Reading in Early Childhood

Thursday, October 13

1:00–2:00 pm

Multipurpose room

Presenters: Miss Mary & Miss Silvia

*The workshops will be led in Spanish, if you need a translator, please email: agonzalez@aspv.edu.mx