Going through 10th grade was difficult and many students would agree. It was almost the end of the school year and I had a competition in Yucatan to classify for the Youth Worlds in New Zealand. I believe that hard work pays off over any circumstance, but it also requires external assistance.

I am an athlete but a real one, not to be confused with those who only train once a week and claim to be elite athletes. I am a dedicated person and that is the way I like to be and get things done the best way they can be done, and sports is something that intrigues me to always work to be someone more competitive because there is no limit point. I don’t see an end point where I can say : “Okay now I am good enough I don’t need more training”. I think that is part of being an athlete, that you will never be satisfied with your last performance and that with experience you only create a greater ambition to improve. Usually the only questions I make myself are, “What is next ? Where and how can I improve performance ?

It was time to compete and I felt prepared since every single ticking second on the clock of my life was dedicated purely into training. There was nothing I had not gone through in this time, my brain was fully exhausted but I convinced myself to go harder just one more step, and then another, and so on. My schedules would be so rough I wouldn’t even allow myself to join my family for any event or movie night just because I knew I would get cravings from any food I would see, hear, smell, or touch. For a time I had focused so much on the sport that I had almost become antisocial even with my own family because I believe in hard work and when I do things I like to make them work to the best.

Everything was ready, everything except the tremendous amounts of money to be paid in order to get to the actual place of the regatta. In my mind the only thought that kept repeating itself was, “It is too much money and I don’t want my mom to pay for all of it she has done a lot for me already.” So after thinking this many times I told Linda Green, member of the Vallarta Sailing Foundation that it is too hard for me to see my mom making such sacrifice, so if there was any chance to help me it would be greatly appreciated. Only 2 days passed after I talked to her and the next thing that happens is that she approaches me with a grant of $3,000 dollars and says to me: “You have deserved it Emiliano, I have seen you training hard for this and I am more than willing to support such a great athlete and your family as well.” At that moment I felt the pleasure run through every vein in my body to the point where I saw everything incredibly beautiful. There are no words to describe this moment and I would like to thank this Foundation for providing me such a tremendous support that does not compare with anything.

After this moment I was proud of what I was able to accomplish through my hard work and get the best out of it. After the grant I was already happy for my 3 months of hard training and I proved to myself that the only impossible goal is that one you decide is  impossible. Thanks to Linda and the other members I was able to reach my dream and gave me the best lesson of my life. I learned that if you work as hard as you can the road opens for you, and external factors that contribute to your success also grow positively.