In times of changes it’s easy to forget about what makes you who you are, especially when you are trying to adapt to a new environment. I believe that knowing yourself will let you overcome situations in a better way, because you’ll know what’s better for you. I know this because I had the chance to experience a huge change in my life. Not so long ago, like 6 months more or less, I arrived to Puerto Vallarta to study in the “American School of Puerto Vallarta”-They  decided to name the school as straightforward as possible so people know that is an American school, and with this in mind I had high expectations and motivation to see what this awesome place had for me.

Before going to school as a student of the ASPV, I was asked to go to a orientation organized by the school in order to familiarize myself with the school itself and the other students. The only reference of how my new school would look like were some images that I was able to find on their website and google. As soon as I entered the school I felt welcomed by everyone that was in school that day. Of course, it was because of being the new student who no one knows.  In the orientation that my new school did I felt completely lost and disoriented like if I was Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away; the only difference was that my “Wilson” was my embassador Obsidian who I had just met that day.

As I started the year on the 25th of August, I felt confident enough to be myself without any concern of how people were seeing me, and because everything was fine I didn’t worry at all. It started out fine but on the third day of school I did notice a change in the behavior of my classmates towards me. They were more distant, so at home I started thinking about what could’ve been the reason for this change. After dwelling on the cause inside my head, I got to a point where I knew that it was because of my personality. It’s not that I don’t like it, but it sure has some roughs edges that people might find unpleasant at first. Normally I wouldn’t care about how people see me, especially if I don’t know them,  but when people don’t know you so well they can create prejudices about you in a second. I didn’t want to make the process of building relationships longer, so I found a way to solve my problem.

The next day I arrived with the idea of keeping a low profile and just being there as air in the classroom. I did this for 3 or 4 weeks, but then I felt uncomfortable because I was not being true to myself at all. After the month had passed, I told to myself that it was time to be the real me so I did so without caring about other people. By that time, more people were aware of my existence and had a more neutral image of my person compared to the one that some people had at the beginning, so I started to present the real me progressively until I and my classmates felt comfortable.

I believe that knowing yourself as much as you can is one of the best things that you can do in order to have a better life. This will give you the clear image of what is really the best for you and how to overcome difficult situations.