Leer y Crecer Delivers Books in “Arboledas”

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On Monday, May 19th, we delivered the books that we bought with the generous amount of money donated to us by the International Friendship Club (IFC). As a group, we decided that the best thing to do was deliver 30 different books to 8 different rural communities. Many of these communities are more than an hour away from where our school is, so we did a meet up in a community called Arboledas. We put each set of books into permanent plastic boxes and drove out to Arboledas with Mrs. Lisa Schalla to deliver everything. Five of the eight school instructors were able to come to receive their books, and the other three will receive them later. Six of our National Honor Society members went. We presented the books to the instructors and each of the communities received a certificate explaining to them that the books are from NHS and were purchased with money donated from the IFC.

Then, each NHS student took a box and went to share the joy of the many books with the teachers. As an observer, it was obvious that the teachers were not only overwhelmed with happiness but also filled with gratitude. We could all tell how much this meant to all of these dedicated educators. After spending about 15 minutes going through the books in smaller groups, Mrs. Schalla led a small discussion with the teachers. They described how they are able to protect new material in communities where they schools aren’t developed enough to ensure safe protection of materials inside their schools. We also discussed a way to ensure the good quality of a new book, or make sure they don’t get lost in the children’s possession. While each teacher has a different way to preserve their small libraries, all have found effective ways to appreciate the books as well as teach the children to appreciate and respect their reading material. We couldn’t have chosen a better way to spend the money that the IFC has given us.

Emily Corley
ASPV Junior
NHS Vice President






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