I believe that grudges are waste of happiness

Confucius once stated; “To be wronged is nothing, unless you continue to remember it”, which supports my belief that grudges are a waste of happiness. People shouldn’t dwell on wrongs done to them in the past, because will revenge or sulking affect them, or you? If a person thinks that because of someone’s wrongs it’s ruined their lives, it’s hypocritical. They’re ruining their own life by dwelling instead of living. Forgive! Move on! There’s much more to life than the kid who punched you in third grade, that kid probably doesn’t even remember. – New belief – People shouldn’t make assumptions.

I was in sixth grade and overflowing with hormones and the excitement of what the next three years had in store for me. At school I met a girl named Madison, who later became my best friend, ex-best friend, and enemy. She was down to earth, a model, and honestly a huge impact on who I am today. Madison introduced to this super mature thing called makeup, the joy of social media, and something foreign to me, a hairbrush. She was the pretty one and I was her improvement project. Madison and I had gone through thick and thin that sixth grade year, helping her through financial issues, helping me learn how to be presentable, and having each other to lean on when times were tough.

At the end of the year, my friend Mackenzie was jealous of how close Madison and I were and wrote something nasty about her in my yearbook, and Madison got to read it. I didn’t even know Mackenzie wrote it until I went on facebook and had the privilege of receiving hate messages and threats, I was even lucky enough to be invited to my own online anti-fan club. I had the joy of scrolling through hateful pictures, comments, posts, and even a few nasty comments in person. I was devastated, I’d done nothing wrong to her and didn’t know what I did to deserve everything that was happening to me. Months had passed, and I was still getting hell showers rained upon me, so I decided to call her. It was all just a misunderstanding and she immediately regretted it and tried to delete everything, but nothing could be erased from my heart and mind. She held a grudge for no reason, and in the act of doing so, lost her happiness and focus on herself. I forgave her after all the taunting and teasing when she didn’t even have a reason to be mad in the first place. I forgave her because I didn’t want to waste my happiness like she had.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying people aren’t allowed to be mad, it’s human to act so. The point is that you’re allowed to be upset, but eventually we need to let things go because grudges waste away your happiness. Would I have dwelled on the incident, I would be wasting away my own time by keeping my trust sacred, but since I’ve decided to forgive her, I’ve benefited my life and learned. I learned that grudges are useless. Now whenever i come to a conclusion about someone or get mad at someone, I just remember how I was treated, and how big of a deal it was for nothing.

To conclude, I believe that we need to let things go, move on, and learn from them or else we waste our lives away. In other words, I believe that grudges are a waste of happiness.