Little Giants Provide Huge Help to Rural School, Rancho Nacar!

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On March 14, ASPV preschool held their annual trike-a-thon. What a spectacular event! All the parents were there, cheering on their tiny riders on colorful tricycles, bicycles and scooters, balloons flying and banners bearing the words “Help Rancho Nacar!”

Every year our preschool uses the trike-a-thon to raise funds for an organization needing some extra help. This year the youngsters from our nursery, pre-kinder and kinder classrooms were able to raise over 28,000 pesos to help a rural school.

The school, Rancho Nacar, is situated in a tiny community outside of Puerto Vallarta near the village of El Colorado. They have a great parent community who works hard to meet the school’s needs, but the school is not currently incorporated into the SEP, so the needs are many.

It’s always wonderful to see young children have such a great time while learning about the value and joy of helping others. Congratulations to all the students, parents and staff of ASPV preschool.
Miss Leza Luna





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