ASPV lends a many hands to make a local school beautiful

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ASPV’s students and teachers undertook the beautification of the Jardín de Niños “Agustín Melgar” school located just five minutes from ASPV in the colonia de Villa las Flores. The kindergarten was run down, the paint peeling from many walls, the children’s toys and school tables rusty and the entrance garden abandoned.

The entire High School at ASPV contributed to the project led by student leaders who organized and ran small groups of students in more than 15 different areas of the school. The students worked under the hot sun for four hours and accomplished many, many projects that had been requested by the director of the Jardin de Niños.  

These projects included:

  • The cleaning and painting of the entire perimeter of the school
  • The removal of a children’s’ play toy and the refinishing of several others
  • The creation of a small entrance garden
  • The painting of the school tables
  • The creation of a beautiful mosaic on the garden planters and abandoned walls of the play yard.

The parents of the school joined in the project providing a huge buffet of food for the visiting students.  Comex contributed most of the paintbrushes, rollers and tools required, with other generous donations from ASPV parents. We wish to specially thank the Chari, Barnard, Caballero, Rice and Etchegaray families for their  support.

The celebration ended with a small party together with the young kinder students at their “new” beautiful school! This collaborative community project celebrates the end of the first year of introducing a more formal program of community service into the ASPV student life and curriculum. We are excited to continue to improve this program and bring more opportunities for quality community engagement and service learning to our students at ASPV.

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  1. Congratulations ASPV community! What a wonderful expression of community support and love for the children of Jardín de Niños! If more people acted out of this kind of community-mindedness the world would be a much better place!

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