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Never regret a choice no matter how hard it is, in life there is no rewind or way to undo anything. What is done is done so there is no point in stressing about something that you did.

I believe you should analyze the opportunity and if it’s good then you should take it. I like a very famous quote that says, “Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.” People often wait to see if a better opportunity comes, but they don’t realize that opportunities don’t last forever. Life changes in a matter of seconds, so I like to be alert.

Once you take the opportunity, if you mess up, there is always a way to recover from it. If you don’t take it, there is no way to assure that you will have that opportunity again.

The thing that made me believe in taking opportunities is that I never got to meet my grandfather on my mother’s side. Since I was little my mom was angry with him. Everytime he came to Vallarta, my mom would ask if I wanted to see him, and I always said no because I had the same stupid grudge my mom had. The years went by and I kept telling myself that my mom was going to forgive him and that my “stupid” grudge would go away. Unfortunately one day we got a phone call saying that he was in the hospital. I immediately knew that he was going to die and that I was never going to meet him. My mother went to México City to say goodbye and didn’t take me because I had school. My prediction ended being correct, he died and I didn’t even say hello to him once.

I learned that I have to take every opportunity, because once they are gone, you never get them back. And there is nothing harder in life than knowing that if you took that opportunity, everything would be different. Taking opportunities always pays off, no matter how risky they seem to be.

For example, when my father asked me if I wanted to go study abroad in England. I didn’t think twice and I accepted the offer. I was going 9000 km away to a country that I had never been before and spoke a different language but I didn’t care because I knew that I was never going to get that opportunity back. Thankfully it ended up being the best year of my life. I’m glad that I took that risk because I made friends all over the world, and I got to discover a whole new culture.

If life gave second chances, everyone would take them… but this is life and life doesn’t give second chances. Therefore for the rest of my life I will analyze the opportunity and if it’s slightly good, I will take it.