Have you been to our new cafetería?

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Have you been to our new cafetería?

We invite you to visit our new space, achieved thanks to ASPV’s collective effort. The support of each and every one of our community members through our 100% participation campaign, our infrastructure and fundraising committees, as well as our staff, made this a reality.

Beyond our new building and appliances, we have a new service system, buffet style, designed with railings for trays, which offers a speedier and more convenient service. We are also recycling to promote eco-awareness amongst our children. We are teaching students about good waste management practices.

With renewed menu options and improved systems and logistics, our new cafeteria is ready for you! We have included vegetarian and vegan menu options, as well as smoothies made with fresh ingredients. Our overall concept and design has health and nutrition as core values. Please welcome our advisor, Juan Manuel Castiglione, expert in gastronomy and nutrition.

Thanks to you, our new cafeteria is a dream come true!


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