The American School of Puerto Vallarta is located in one of the most beautiful and bio-diverse regions of the world. The students at ASPV are also gifted with resources, experiences, and access to an education of the highest caliber. Recognizing that we live lives rich in opportunity and resources, and believing that “to those who much is given, much is expected;” we hope to inspire our students to lead exemplary lives.

In the 2016/2017 school year, the American School of Puerto Vallarta embarked on a journey to bring leadership building and service learning into the regular curriculum of the school. All students chose to form or join service groups with the mission to significantly impact the world with real actions and with the following understanding:

The students, staff, and parents of ASPV take seriously their social responsibility to contribute actively and positively to the community that supports them. This contribution is returned many times over in the development of empathy, compassion, leadership and a global perspective.

All projects are 100% student run, providing ample opportunities to practice leadership skills, teamwork, communication and project implementation. Student service teams may change every semester but have included:

SUSTAINABILITY: focused on reducing the use of straws on the ASPV campus and surrounding community.

ANIMAL SHELTER: raising awareness about the care of animals and promoting sterilization and adoption in the Puerto Vallarta region.

FutX VALLARTA: providing regular training sessions, shoes and materials to disadvantaged children in the region.

CARPENTRY: learning carpentry skills to contribute needed bookshelves, composting bins and other items to community service groups.

DRAMA PRODUCTIONS: to create educational drama productions to share with ASPV students and students in surrounding schools.

GREEN N CLEAN SOAPS: using chemistry to develop soaps from recycling oil, raising awareness and distributing them to local businesses.

CASA HOGAR: providing tutoring, fundraising and support to the children of the local orphanages.

SCHOOL BEAUTIFICATION: working together to make our school more beautiful with murals, mosaics and other improvements.

ASPV GARDEN: learning gardening, composting, and the importance of hard work while creating a beautiful and productive garden for the school.

C.A.R.E:  creating events and fundraising for a broad range of local residents and organizations.

OPERATION SMILE: raising funds and awareness to support cleft palate surgeries for children in Puerto Vallarta