Imagine who you would be today if the time you spend doing nothing was used to do the thing you love the most, which in my case, is golf. I believe that procrastination stops us from becoming the best version of ourselves.

We have all been victims of procrastination, and I say victims because we like to blame it on something else. I am often determined to start a task at a certain hour, but if I see that I am late by even 5 minutes, I have to sacrifice myself and wait another 55 minutes to begin at the right time.  Then my mother calls me to go eat dinner, and even if I am not hungry, I’ll find a place in my stomach just to avoid starting my duties. When I am done, I grab my agenda and start planning the work I have ahead of me, but by the time I am done organizing everything, I am ready to go to bed.

10 months ago, I went to Marina Golf Club to hit some balls, or at least that is what I had in mind when I jumped in the car. I was not allowed to leave the driving range until I finished a big, fat, bucket of balls. I placed the glove on my right hand and grabbed my phone to text my coach. Since I saw no sign of him, I sat down and waited. “Cool, I have my phone with me. I can text.”, I thought. An old man who had been playing behind me, sat down on the same bench and lowered his eyes to see what I was doing. “You know”, he said to me, “what a good golfer you would be if the time you spent using your phone was used to strengthen your swing”. My first reaction was to get furious. He was reading my messages! That is exactly what my grandmother does when she comes to visit. I wanted to sit on a different bench and keep texting just to annoy him….And then I looked at the time. I had been there 30 minutes, and I had not even touched my clubs. He was right. I had one bucket of balls to hit and a tan mark from the sun that had hit me while I texted, but that was not the first time that it had happened to me.

I would like to tell you that I have stopped procrastinating since then, but I haven’t. It is a goal that I am working towards. Every time I grab my phone, I think about the man and what he told me, and that is what motivates me to finish my tasks before doing something else. I avoid responsibilities by procrastinating, but I still have to get everything done before going to bed, so it is better to focus and just finish. Once I am done, I have time to sleep, which for me is really important because when I am sleep deprived, I am also pretty cranky, and when I am cranky I normally say things that get me grounded.

Time is something that should be taken care off. When we procrastinate, we are letting go of time that can be used to do something productive. I am trying to spend less time using my phone or any other distraction, and you should too. It makes you feel more aware of everything. You can do what you love with the spare time you get, or you can even dare to try something new.