One day long ago, I came to the realization that in my life not everything is going to be the way I want it to be; which is why I believe that, as Rocky Balboa once said, “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows.” This means to me that it doesn’t matter who you are or who you think you are, we all have to face the crude reality that not everything is going to be the way you want it to be.

Let me explain myself: I believe that an individual is capable of doing whatever he pleases doing, and one is capable of achieving everything he pursues and dreams in life, yet there are aspects that one can’t control, things that don’t depend on yourself, but on the surrounding world. This means that even if you work hard and succeed in what you are pursuing, there always exists the possibility of something backfiring and ‘blowing things up’.

When I was young I always complained about attending school and everything that comes with going. I am someone who views life different from others. I have my own way of seeing life and see education different than I know most people do. I used to hate going to school, and found my time boring and unpleasant. I realized that there was nothing I could do to change this reality, I just had to live with it, since it is part of my career to receive education as I grow up; which is why I told myself to stop complaining, face the reality, attend school and do my best so that this crude reality wasn’t so painful.

Everyone has struggles, doesn’t matter who you are or who you think you are, we all have problems in our lives, and that is the world that we live in. I have seen how tough this world is, and it has helped me to have this mentality. There are people out there who are always complicating themselves because of their struggles, and to those people I would advise them to believe the way I do, since it also helps you to work harder and not take anything for granted.

Although this is a very negative view of life, I can say that ever since I started believing in this, I can say from personal experience that my life has changed positively. I used to be the type of kid that always complained about the negative things that occurred in my life, and my surroundings, yet I somehow heard Rocky Balboa motivational speech to his son, and that’s where my illumination came from. I realized that what he said was true, and when you start seeing the world realistically you have nothing to lose or fear. You just have to accept the fact that the world can be an evil place, and face this reality, so that you work even harder and harder, until nothing, no matter how bad the situation is, can take you down.