Primary News April 8, 2014

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Primary News
April 8, 2014

WOW! Congratulations to Mr. Scyler and Miss Fenton, the cast and crew, and especially the Munchkins for a fantastic production of Wizard of Oz!!

For photos of the flag ceremony go to: Flag April 7


The ASPV Children’s Day celebration will take place on Friday, April 11. If you plan to leave for vacation early (and we hope you don’t because your children will miss out on a great celebration) please notify Miss Becky at
or . Attached is a paper indicating the dress for each team member. School will dismiss at approximately 12:15. Preschool will dismiss at approximately at 12:00.

New student enrollment has begun. Please make sure your place is saved, parents may save their children’s place by paying a fee of $5,000 pesos per child. You will then be able to continue payments. If nothing more has been paid by May 31, the space will be given to a new family. We need to know if you are planning on leaving as soon as possible so we enroll other interested students.

Message from Cafeteria

Have a safe holiday. Use your seatbelts.


Dates to Remember

Friday, April 11 Children’s Day
Saturday, April 12 Spring Break Begins
Monday, April 28 Classes Resume
Thursday, May 1 Mexican Holiday NO CLASSES
Monday, May 5 Mexican Holiday NO CLASSES

Kathy Selitzer
Primary School Principal

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