Albert Einstein once said, “ Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new.” There are thousands of steps in achieving success, so if you are halfway through and believe there is no extra step, then you’ll never achieve your dreams. That is why I believe with enough motivation and willpower we can always improve.

Through all my high school life, I have always been the “special” kid. My parents always knew that my brother and sister were better off in sports, social life and also academics. I was just struggling with life, and had no motivation whatsoever. Every time we had to hand our grades to our parents, I was used to the typical speech of “You are so smart, I just don’t understand why you aren’t doing great at school”. I thought life wasn’t made for any suffering or worries, so it didn’t really bother me.

Until one summer when my father invited me to his workplace to “at least do something that wasn’t watching tv”. My immediate thought was to deny the offer and stay home. I didn’t want to be obligated to “work” or actually do something with my time. My father was furious with my reaction so he made me actually go to the office and help the employees with anything they might need.

My father is an architect. He was facing dozens of clients, and I decided to work with him with a particular one. This client was so indecisive. I truly wanted to strangle him, to make him decide on something! During this time I had so many discussions with my father, trying to convince him to leave  that client, and focus on another client that was easier. My father would only glance at me and say, “Wait… we can do this”. After about two months of struggling, we came up with a brilliant idea that incorporated all of the client’s desires. We finally gave him the blueprints and in return we got a beautiful surprise. The client was so excited and delighted with the final product that he started telling us all the amazing experiences he hoped to have in his new home. I will never forget his face while looking at the plans.  It gave me such a thrill and motivation to continue. That was when my father finally said, “ Although you believe there is no way of solving a problem, or you believe you can’t improve… you are wrong. You can always impress yourself.  You just need motivation.”

From that day on I decided to continue using this life skill. Trying to better myself has only improved my life positively. Instead of doing things with a mindset of failure, I believe I can complete whatever goal I desire. Even if  the dream is impossible or “unattainable”, I still put hundred percent of my effort, because everyone can improve herself with enough motivation and willpower. Sometimes the only thing blocking our dream is ourselves. That is why we need to believe in what we want to achieve and simply dedicate ourselves to improvement.