People expect a lot from young adults, because they want the best for us. My parents, as well as most parents, expect their children to achieve good grades but that isn’t our only important thing. We also have extra curricular activities, me for instance,  I’m also in the soccer team, and the track and field team. Not only are our parents expecting a lot but also teachers and coaches. Family members may have this effect on us as well. This is why I think that everybody has a different idea of success.

It’s not easy to keep up with everything without disappointing someone.The events that led me to this belief started on a day that I was stressed about my grades. I had a soccer game the next day and my mom was mad at me for being out late. I had already worked on my homework and went to my soccer practice. I wasn’t worried about anything because I knew I had already done everything.  The next day we had a talk and she said something about expecting many things from me and that was when we had a long conversation about enjoying life. She told me that she wants me to enjoy life, but also reach my goals and be successful. Her idea of success was to complete all my work and do more, but for me my idea of it is finishing my personal things , school tasks and extracurricular activities.

After this talk I learned that everyone has a different idea of success and I learned what I really want for myself without anyone else telling me. I care about my grades, but they are not as important as friends, extracurriculars, and social life. Although I know that grades lead to many things, friends and free time are also very important. Having your own idea of success is great because you don’t really need other people telling you what to do. Maybe it’s good if other people try to help, but not try to change the way you think.  Life would be much easier if people didn’t put their idea of success on you, because we already have our own idea of it.