It doesn’t matter how angry or sad you may feel, a smile is always conceivable, even if it is fake. Displaying a big smile on your face can be as contagious as a yawn and is as easy as writing your name. It does not hurt you or anybody else, and the positive attitude usually rubs off on others. Sometimes it may even help improve someone else’s day. I believe in the impact of a smile and a positive attitude.

I learned the impact a smile can have at a gas station. On a normal day, I parked my car right next to the gas pump and lowered my window to ask for service. A man came over to attend me and, with a smile I said, “Good afternoon, how are you?”. For me, these are common manners that I often practice without thinking, but for some reason, they really made the man happy. He began to tell me how it was very uncommon for him to hear such words while he worked. Then, he spoke about how people have started seeing gas station workers more as things, rather than humans. “They just lower the window, demand x amount of gas and then leave”, he said. “No ‘Hello’, ‘Thank you’, or even ‘Goodbye’”. Then, I paid the man and thanked him before I left. On my drive home I thought about what the man had said and the impact my attitude had on him. A simple demonstration of politeness was able to change his day in a positive way. It wasn’t even hard for me to do this, so I concluded that there is no reason not to act in this way.

There is no reason to spread negativity with a frown when you can be passing on a smile. When you treat someone kindly, they will probably respond by treating you the same way. Another scientifically proven benefit is that smiling triggers the production of endorphins in our body which in turn make us happier and less stressed. Although this reaction is not caused by feelings of happiness or excitement, it is caused by the movement of muscles in your face which is why even a fake smile can make you happier on any given day.

I am not saying you should always be happy, but you should always be kind to others. Especially to people you don’t know, since they probably haven’t done anything to upset you and you shouldn’t ruin their day because you have had a bad one. Instead, you can give out positive vibes and hope they help others and yourself be happier, because a positive attitude can make a difference.