Every day I worried what I was going to do, how and where. Everything had to be highly calculated so that when planning, my times would be coordinated and be perfect. It was hard trying to get everything in order. Every time that a plan did not come out how I thought it would, it made me angry and it just spoiled my day. However, I now believe that the best things happen without planning them.

As I grew older, more plans added to my days and I had to try to organize everything to match up my schedule. There were even times when I would rather not attend a party or a plan because of people being late all the time. That ruined my whole day, my schedule and everything needed to be rescheduled. I hate people being late. There are no excuses. When you make an appointment, arranging a time needs to be respected. Here in Mexico, I have learned that nobody is punctual and that is something hard for me to live with when you are not like that.

One evening I went to a friend’s house. Everything was going as I planned, but when I wanted to leave her house, I realized that I didn’t have my house  keys. I called my parents to ask them if they were  home  but they told me I’d better sleep over with my friend because they were at a dinner. I was not prepared to stay to sleep. That was not the plan, so I started to feel bad. I didn’t have my things, my personal things. My friend told me that there was no problem and that she would let me use anything that I needed.

Shortly after, we got an invitation to a party near my friend’s house. There was no one to take us. My friend’s parents were already asleep, so our friends told us to find a ride. I was freaking out! There was a party. How we were going to get there, at what time, who would drive???? Too many questions. I was depending on someone else to make the plans and it was driving me crazy. My friend told me to relax and stop trying to plan everything, that things were going to be fine. I started to relax and to think that the worst thing that could happen was not going to the party, or getting there late, and that would not be the end of the world. Everyone does it. In that moment I started to realize  that maybe my problem was trying to be perfect, trying to have everything calculated so that I could do everything. I noticed that I was losing a lot of my own time planning rather than living my experiences.

Shortly after a friend called and said that he would give us a ride. I realized that things happen even without planning. Everything came out wonderfully. We arrived right at the perfect time.  I felt so relieved  that I did not have to wait for people to start getting to the party, because for once I wasn’t the first one there. I had an incredible time and it was the best party, and that was the first time I learned that the best things happen without planning them.