The American School of Puerto Vallarta works daily towards being an exemplary school with respect to its use of technology.

In pursuit of this goal all teachers maintain digital gradebooks which give our community access to student grades and attendance data in real time twenty-four hours a day; from any location in the world. Beyond this our teachers maintain course work on a remotely hosted learning management system: moodle. This provides our community with a blended learning environment and the opportunity for their learning to extend beyond the walls of the traditional classroom. This also provides us with a robust online learning option that is already in place, thus if the physical doors of our campus should need to close the learning and class work does not stop – under any circumstance.

Additionally to our students we believe that it is essential to provide continued technology learning opportunities to our entire staff that are designed and delivered in a variety of formats.

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We are continuously adding to the more than 120 computers found on campus, while at the same time encouraging students to bring wireless devices by providing a fast and secure wireless connection throughout the upper school.

Our machines are supported by a dedicated technology team who work tirelessly throughout the school to ensure things continue to run smoothly. Their work is greatly appreciated.

If you as a community member have questions about our technology program or would like to receive some personalized support with respect to any facet of it, please do not hesitate to contact the technology department directly.

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