Walking through the thick jungle of Central America, looking at long lost Mayan ruins destroyed by trees, vines, and roots,with the sounds of Howler monkeys and critters through the leaves, I knew it would make a difference in me. This experience has changed my views of how people live. For this I believe that different cultures, people, and places improve our spirit.

At the end of my freshmen year, I received news that would change my life. When I came home from school,  my parents told me that we were moving to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This was heartbreaking because I had such a wonderful year and just started to settle into my high school. I enjoyed every last moment I could in my hometown before the big move happened. I had no idea what I was getting into. At my new private school, I met people from around the world with bilingual education. It was hard at first fitting in but eventually I found my footing. Since moving here, I have had life changing experiences and memories. I would definitely not be the person I am today. My love for tacos has grown along with my attraction to my neighbor; the Pacific Ocean. I have learned a library of knowledge moving here and have escaped from my comfort zone to experience a new world. I have forever been changed.

When you travel you naturally go to places that you can connect with. Every culture has been refined by generations and countless influences. You are just a visitor that has come to experience something greater. Whether it is a hot beach or snow topped mountains, meeting new people or running away from where you are from. You are searching for yourself. Your values are being hardened by the experience.

Traveling is an essential motive for people to escape their comfort zone and explore. Most people who live task by task throughout their lives do not exactly know what this is. A modern person is able to see around the world from one pole to the other with a device we call the internet. It gives incredible knowledge but also takes it away. People who rely on this do not actually experience the rush of meeting new people and seeing new places. Sometimes it is to dramatic and stressful for people to travel but it should not be this way. Traveling is crucial to open our eyes to what else is out there besides ourselves.

Traveling to experience the world in a different view was eye opening to me. I am not talking about going to a fancy resort where they speak to you in your native language; actual travelling. The traveling where you experience a foreign culture, exotic foods, and perhaps strange people. When we are at home we are familiar with the differences that makes everyone so unique. However, when you travel, you are allowed to see the similarities that tie us together. When we explore new cultures we are also imploring ourselves, in order to see who we are and where we stand in such an intimidating world. This allows ourselves to become more open with people who may be different. It becomes easier to see similarities rather than differences.