ASOMEX Soccer Tournament

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Welcome to all participating teams to our ASOMEX soccer tournament, may these be days of improving your game, working as solid teams and learning about your competitors. On this tournament, you will all be winners!

We encourage competition, but not cut-throat competition. It’s all about how you play the game. This allows all teams to play to the best of their abilities in tune with their developmental stage. The focus is on teamwork, effort and grit. All students get a chance to shine. In the afternoon, we will have activities for skill development and recreational activities, where kids will join athletes from other teams and get to know them in a different environment. They’ll learn to shoot better, pass better, and carry out better plays with other coaches, not necessarily their own. Students and coaches will be mixed together to enhance camaraderie and build friendships that will transcend the game and the school. The format has been a resounding success and I am sure that with all of your support, we will bring it to a new SHARK level!

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