ASPV Hosts TEC Challenge 2014

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TEC Challenge is an event designed to allow students to learn about different majors in the area of engineering, electronics and business. This event is designed and brought to us by the TEC de Monterrey University and ASPV will host the event. Students from grades 10-12 form ours and other local schools are invited to participate and compete. There are 4 major activities:

– Robotec: design and program a robot to compete with other schools in a Sumo wrestling type match
– Estrategia: a simulation of a factory so students can learn how it works.
– Mach 1: design of water rockets and competition to evaluate best design by longest flight.
– Race Tec: design and race remote controlled cars controlled with cell phones.

Students can volunteer to participate in any team they want to take advantage of this opportunity. Parents, family and friends are invited to come watch.

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