Early Childhood Track-a-Thon

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The Early Childhood program at ASPV took to the track to raise money for our partner preschool, Manuel Gomez Morin in the little town of El Colorado. Our students worked hard to make a plan to help this school build a small library on their school grounds. First, we talked to people who knew the school, our very own kinder 1 assistant Miss Gaby. Then we took some lunch and some Valentines and went to visit and play with the children at the school. Once we knew them and had made new friendships with them, we did some fundraising with a current running total of 40,600 pesos! Our P.E. teachers, Mr. Joel and Miss Becky, helped us train to run on the track and helped us set goals for the track-a-thon. We were so excited to get on the track and meet those goals. Once the track-a-thon was finished, we celebrated with a picnic! Thanks to all the moms and dads who helped us to raise funds and to run toward our goals!

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