In the K-6 library we are becoming explorers of information, thinkers, and readers. We are developing a love of books, reading, and learning!

Borrowing Books:

  • Students visit the library once a week, preschool for 30 min. and pre-1 to 6 grades for 45 min.
  • Book borrowing: dependent on the  return of previously borrowed books
  • Pre-1st to 6 grade can borrow  2 books
  • Students must return any overdue books before borrowing new ones
  • Books are due in two weeks but we ask the students to bring their books every week when they have library class to renew or to check new ones

Overdue notices are given to parents to remind students of books that must be returned. Students are not charged fines for overdue library books.

Books are Special! Take super-duper good care of borrowed books:

  • Keep them in a special place…away from chewing pets, active babies, or messy food
  • Use a bookmark when you take a reading break….do not bend the pages
  • Always have clean hands while reading a book

Online resources

Students: Students will use their last name and student ID number to log on to the database page.

Library Catalog

Find something fun and interesting to read or look at. Think about your purpose when choosing a book and finding a fit.

  • to read a chapter book
  • have a story with awesome pictures
  • to learn new facts