Field Visit to the Bocanegra Beach

Amanda GonzalezPreschool, StudentsLeave a Comment

After many experiences with water and its properties, and discussing all of the different water sources, our Kinder 1 class with Miss Tiffani, decided to visit a water source that is very prevalent in our lives in Puerto Vallarta; the beach! Before going, we drew what we thought we might see there, in order to gather our previous knowledge on the subject. We went with the goal of exploring the beach using our 5 senses; sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.
Since the children in this Kinder 1 group are young 3 year olds, and many of them are English language learners, we allowed the children to explore freely and really focus on what interested them at the beach. One group found a crab, and was more interested in the water, while the other group was more interested in all of the rocks they found and the sand.
We began to develop their vocabulary while discussing what we saw, and felt, and smelled. Even though the adults might have done most of the talking at the site, when we came back with all of the beach items we collected, the children were very excited to share with their friends about their experience.

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