Giving back!

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Our annual Track-o-Thon raised over 40,000 pesos of funds for the public preschool Samuel Bernal. First we bought them a pool for their Children’s Day celebrations in April.

Kinder 3 paid a visit to the school to play with them and to deliver some more of the items that they requested from our Track-o-Thon funds.We brought them a laptop, a projector for the laptop, and three CD players for the classrooms. We arrived with Mr. Joel, Miss Mary, Miss Evelyn, Don Goyo (our driver), and wonderful moms who came to help – Margarita, Priscila, Lili, Vicky, Monica, and Laura.

Mr. Joel played games with us, combining our group and a kinder 3 group from Samuel Bernal. Pretty soon we all made new friends and we enjoyed a snack together.

It was wonderful for all of us to see the changes that have been made at the school over the last two years, thanks to your generous support!

With our remaining funds, we have ordered 60 new chairs for their students, since they are using chairs from thirty years ago and many of them are broken.The chairs should be delivered before the end of June.

The director of the school, Director Lourdes Cerón, wanted me to extend a very deep thank you all! You and your children have made a huge difference in the lives of many children of Puerto Vallarta!

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