Kinder 2 goes rolling

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Over the course of 4 weeks, the Kinder 2 friends explored how different sized balls could roll down and through various tubes and pipes. After all their separate experiences, the children were at last given the opportunity to put all their knowledge together by going to a large room upstairs in the Javadpour Arts Center. Once there, with the help of several parents, the children were set free to make bigger creations than ever before. Tape was an important tool that enabled the children to connect the different pieces and to hold up materials so that their balls would move downward. One friend had a different idea and built a house with a door and a window! Parents had fun as well, seemingly following aspects of the same learning process that the children had gone through. They also had to discover how to connect the tubes, what size tubes worked well together and how best to support their creations. Children worked separately at first, some individually or in pairs, with some assistance from the visiting grownups. Later on it was a great experience visiting the work of others and trying out their creations! At the end, before cleanup time, we all came together so each child could explain the work that they did. All together it has been a marvelous study filled with so much collaboration and problem solving.

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