Kinder 3 builds Castles

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Students in Kinder 3 with Miss Leza put on an exposition of their work on castles. On display was a culmination of two months of investigation, planning and building. They learned about different kinds of castles from videos, books, and a visit to the Grade 8 castle exhibition earlier in the year. Students learned about the work of architects through books, videos and a visit from an architect, Alejandra, who also happens to be Iker’s mom.

After they learned about different types of castles, they drew up blueprints. Then they built their castle sculptures, relying on their blueprints to guide them. They made characters for their castles out of clay. Then they drew on their previous knowledge about the elements in a story and made stories for each of their castles.

Finally they invited their parents, administration, and of course, their Grade 8 friends who inspired them to create these amazing sculptures. It was a great day of sharing!

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