Model UN

Amanda GonzalezSecondary2 Comments

Of the 6 committees that were formed, with 2 topics to be discussed in each one, the results were as follows: We won! And we won big: 6 prizes out of 12! And of the 12 resolutions that were approved, 9 were proposed, written, and defended in a debate by our students. It’s not about the awards, but about how we have now 22 new leaders who can make a social change. All the students defended their position confidently and firmly. There were more than 200 students from different American High Schools from Guadalajara. I feel proud of our students for the titanic effort that they put in: it was a physical, mental, and endurance effort. They were 3 days in a row with more than 12 consecutive hours of work, dedication, concentration, and dedication. They never lost the enthusiasm or the desire to excel in their group. They left very happily, full of satisfaction, with many new friends, and above all, very motivated to continue in the social and political movements that exist.
Miss Brenda

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