NHS Induction Ceremony

We welcomed the new NHS Members!

This is a group of students with exemplary academic, leadership, community service, and character accomplishments that help around not only our own community here at ASPV, but other communities around us. This group gets together every Wednesday to discuss their plans for the coming week and for the year overall. This  year in particular NHS is going to be working on building a park in one of our local communities here in Puerto Vallarta. In previous years, NHS has collected books, collected funds, and has physically gone to help schools in our community who could use help when it comes to academic supplies. Every year in November, there is an induction ceremony that is held to welcome the new students into the society. this year more than 20 new students were inducted, allowing this year’s NHS to take on multiple projects at once with more people. In previous years, NHS students each took on their own community service group to help the community and as many ways as possible, this allowed us to spread out our ASPV spirit throughout the bay. Some Groups that you may have heard of include: The Science of Potential, Alimentando el Conocimiento, Invulcra-T, Leer y Crecer, and PV aMar.