Nothing but Smiles

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Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate are largely overlooked problems. Even more so for Children who don’t have access to safe and clean surgerys. Without surgeries, they will encounter lifelong problems, including problems eating, drinking, breathing, and if it bad enough, even death. We here at Operation Smile dedicate our efforts to helping kids receive proper treatment and care.

This year, Operation Smile had a very positive effect on the community. We worked closely with the International Friendship Club (IFC), who run their very own cleft palate program. With them we worked to produce over 50 care packages, as well as provide 3 surgeries to kids with severe cleft lip. Additionally, we spent time with the children, playing and talking about experiences with doctors so as to relax them before checkups. Operation Smile also had success in raising awareness, holding more than 5 fundraisers and giving presentations across all of Puerto Vallarta. Although, we wished we could provide more surgeries, it was a very productive year.

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