Primary News March 18, 2014

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Primary News
March 18, 2014


The trike-a-thon was the cutest event of the season. The preschool students raised $28,175.50 pesos to help the rural school. Congratulations to our little ones and thank you to all our incredibly supportive parents. For photos go to:TRIKATHON


Don’t miss the amazing primary talent show this Friday, March 21 at 9:00 a.m.
All parents are invited.


The character trait we are studying this month is CARING.
A caring student, parent or teacher:
Is kind
Is compassionate and shows they care
Expresses gratitude
Forgives others
Helps people in need

The student council has designated this Friday, March 21 a Spirit Day. The theme is CrAzY clothes. The proceeds will benefit Pasitos de Luz, an organization that provides daily activities for disabled children.
The council is asking you to bring a donation of a box of hotcake flour or a bottle of Fabuloso or Mr Clean or ten pesos.


The ASPV Children’s Day celebration will take place on Friday, April 11. If you plan to leave for vacation early (and we hope you don’t because your children will miss out on a great celebration) please notify Miss Becky at

Chickenpox always takes hold in spring. We have had our first few cases and can expect to have more until spring vacation breaks the cycle. Please keep feverish children at home and do not let affected children return to school until all the bumps are scabbed over.

The specialist teachers (science, music, art, technology, physical education, and library) have begun using a new system for behavior referral. In the event that your child is asked to complete a form on behavior reflection, we ask that you discuss the situation with your child, sign the form and have your child deliver it to the primary office in the morning.

New student enrollment has begun. Please make sure your place is saved.


Dates to Remember
Friday, March 21 Primary Talent Show
Thursday, March 27 Brain Games
Friday, March 28 Professional Development Day NO SCHOOL
April 3, 4, 5 Spring Musical Wizard of Oz
Friday, April 11 Children’s Day
Saturday, April 12 Spring Break Begins

Kathy Selitzer
Primary School Principal

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