As a unified, caring community that focuses on learning and school improvement, ASPV relies upon and values cooperative efforts among parents and teachers. The Parent-Teacher Association is the most important force in this relationship.

PTA meetings and activities:

• Allow an opportunity for parents to participate in supporting their children in school events and activities.
• Give new parents and teachers an opportunity to join in and participate in the community.
• Provide a forum for parent input in school improvement.
• Raise funds for school improvement.
• Support community service initiatives.

There are many ways a parent can participate in PTA activities.

• Volunteer to be a room mother/father
• Run for PTA office
• Volunteer to support a PTA activity

The PTA sponsors many activities throughout the year.

• Halloween party
• Posada (traditional Christmas party)
• Children’s Day
• Staff appreciation (organizing ways to say “thank you” to teachers and staff)

Have suggestions/complaints? Please write to us. Your confidential comments will be shared only with the PTA and taken into consideration.