Rock and Talent at ASPV

Amanda GonzalezArt & Music, Secondary, Students2 Comments

Our middle and high school students presented their musical talents, with bands conformed of students across grades, soloists, dancers, and even joke-crackers, showing in each number our great ASPV spirit!

2 Comments on “Rock and Talent at ASPV”

  1. It would be amazing to have a theater/drama/music elective to develop the artistic and whole human side of our students with full support of their school and parents.

    The venue is there and the students clearly have passion to make something great that would easily be equal to the athletic department.

    Art coupled with the STEM program is a combination that can’t be beat and with high level artistic training and STEM education our students would be the most well rounded humans/students in this region.

    I know as the premiere educational entity in the region ASPV has what it takes to make this a reality.

    1. Hello Mr. O’Grady,
      Thank you for your important comment. We are continuing to work on this. For now, we encourage your children to participate in this year’s musical, “All Shook Up!”

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