Our Mission

The American School of Puerto Vallarta has over 15,000 square meters of dedicated sports fields to complement the largest sports program in the region.
Our MISSION is through a comprehensive training process, starting at the age of preschool, create a sports culture in students:

  • Develop physical, mental and social capabilities,
  • Promote good character and encourage leadership,
  • Promote healthy practices and stray away from poor habits.

Classes in our sports program start at 3:00 pm. Sports students can participate in include: Soccer, Basketball, Athletics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Archery, Jazz-Dance. 

Sports at ASPV before puberty is educational-entertainment in nature. It focuses on the acquisition of appropriate psychomotor habits, respecting the sensitive phases, in order to create a broad and solid basis for the student to maintain a high performance physical/athletic lifestyle in adulthood.

To achieve the aforementioned goals we work with the experience of our sports coaches, which are all certified and hold degrees in Physical Education, Sports and Sports Training, who are always at the forefront of recent advances in methodology of sports training. 

Additionally our teams participate in local leagues in Puerto Vallarta. Our institution is also a member of ASOMEX (Association of American Schools of Mexico) which our teams participate in tournaments organized by this association.

Currently, 75% of the population of our school participates in the extra-curricular sports program.

Sport Programs Offered




Rhythmic Gymnastics