The Recycling Center

For about 3 years now, ASPV has been the home to a recycling center in the parking lot near the Early Childhood building. In the school’s journey to becoming sustainable and eco-friendly, community service lovers decided it was time to create an area where members of our community can come and leave their recyclables, which are then taken by the larger recycling group of Puerto Vallarta, or reused by the school. It is now open to everyone to use again. This is an important, underrated part of our school, seeing as everyday the world becomes more and more desperate for people’s help, and ASPV created this center for that very reason. All things from cardboard, plastic, paper, and glass can be taken here, instead of your garbage bin. We hope you begin to love it as much as we do! At each entrance you can now find four bins clearly labeled for easy sorting. We ask that you only bring in clean materials and please do not leave plastic bags.

By Premma